Update 7-9-15

Good Morning Wearers of the Blue-
Below is the most recent list of reunion attendees. Please add the “check’s in the mail” classmates — Marcia (Anderson) & Gary Agger, Mike Flaherty & guest, Doug Cole, Cammy (Dalfonso) Reali, Janet (Swett) & Bruce Chase. THERE IS STILL TIME TO RESPOND and to contact people whose names you don’t see listed here! That goal of 100 attendees is within our grasp!

Paul Bartlett
Karen Berman-Mulligan
Larry & Jamia Brett
Ralph & Kathy Cabana
Linda Cannell
Regina Caron
Dianne (Balzano) Cavanaugh
Jimmy & Sandy Colello
Ginny (Hall) & Jerry Czuprynski
Larry & Linda Davis
Terry & Kathy Davis
Anita Dicrecchio
Patt (Murphy) & Leroy Dyer
Vicky Dylewski
Renee (Shatz) Edelstein
Ida (Miller) & Rick Engelman
Ed & Linda Enman
Robert Flagg
John & Joanie (Sylvester) Foley
Joanne (Germani) & Roger Fortin
Jim & Maryann Grimaldi
Linda (Carr) Harmon
Jim Hayden
Tonya (Giles) & Bob Heskett
Brad Hoffman & Linda Smilie
Christine (Duncanson) Huot
Mike & Donna (Grassi) Hutchins
Jerry Jimino
Mary Lou (King) & Scott Johnson
Gary Kelley
Nancy Kopel
Jim & Marty Lax
Kathy Malconian & guest
Roanne (O’Wril) & Vinnie Marzilli
Mary McCallum
Barbara (Jeffery) & Don McHarg
Nancy (Gerber) Mehta
Greg & Brenda Morneau
Chris Norton
Robyn (Eaton) Southerland
Jan Sullivan
Janet Thiboutot & Phil Gignac
Carol Toroomian
Diane (King) Taliento & Jim White
Kathy Thomas
Priscilla (Giles) & David Trudeau

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