Update on “missing classmates” list for PHS Class of 1970

Update on “missing classmates” list for PHS Class of 1970 and our 7/1845th year reunion. If you know where any of these folks are, please let me know! Thanks–
Maureen (Slane) Bickford
Stephen Boles
Karen (McDonald) Connolly
Michael Duffy
Richard Foley
Ruth (Ferrante) Foley
Paul Fox
William Joyce
Hollis Lurvey
James Roberts
Galen Schools

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  1. Richard Foley says:

    Today received an invite to the 45th reunion! Wow! Time flies while you’re having fun!! Won’t be attending this one but wish you all lots of fun, see you in five more years!!!

    If you need any additional contact info. just let me know!

  2. Larry Davis says:

    South Portland, ME
    I hope you’re limbering up those bodies for reunion dancing! If you’re waiting to see who’s going, here’s a list of reunion responses I’ve received.
    If someone you’d like to see there isn’t on the list yet, let me know and I’ll see if I have contact info. See you next month–
    Paul Bartlett
    Karen Berman-Mulligan
    Ralph & Kathy Cabana
    Dianne (Balzano) Cavanaugh
    Jimmy & Sandy Colello
    Larry & Linda Davis
    Patt (Murphy) & Leroy Dyer
    Vicky Dylewski
    Renee (Shatz) Edelstein
    Joanne (Germani) & Roger Fortin
    Jim Hayden
    Mike & Donna (Grassi) Hutchins
    Mary Lou (King) & Scott Johnson
    Nancy Kopel
    Jim & Marty Lax
    Kathy Malconian & guest
    Mary McCallum
    Nancy (Gerber) Mehta
    Chris Norton
    Jan Sullivan
    Diane (King) Taliento & Jim White
    Priscilla (Giles) & David Trudeau

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