Ralph Cabana

I hope you’re limbering up those bodies for reunion dancing! If you’re waiting to see who’s going, here’s a list of reunion responses I’ve received.
If someone you’d like to see there isn’t on the list yet, let me know and I’ll see if I have contact info. See you next month–

Dianne (Balzano) Cavanaugh
Jimmy & Sandy Colello
Larry & Linda Davis
Patt (Murphy) & Leroy Dyer
Vicky Dylewski
Renee (Shatz) Edelstein
Joanne (Germani) & Roger Fortin
Jim Hayden
Mike & Donna (Grassi) Hutchins
Mary Lou (King) & Scott Johnson
Nancy Kopel
Jim & Marty Lax
Kathy Malconian & guest
Mary McCallum
Nancy (Gerber) Mehta
Chris Norton
Jan Sullivan
Diane (King) Taliento & Jim White
Priscilla (Giles) & David Trudeau

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