400 Mailer

Just mailed out ~400 “save the date” cards (there were a lot of us!) for our 7/18/15 “you know the number, you’re welcome¬†Maria Giordano-Kimball!!) reunion. If you don’t receive one within a week or so, please let me know (rcabana@maine.rr.com) so I can get your correct address. If you run into a classmate who didn’t get one, please have them get in touch with me. We’ll be finalizing details (cost, food, etc) soon – also planning on a breakfast at the Italian Heritage the next morning, but we’ll need at least 50 people who can attend that. Again, details to follow. We’ll be posting things on our web site (www.phs1970.com) — and you can, too! I’ll get a “missing” list on there as well as a list of our deceased classmates with a request to let me know if you know of a name I’ve missed. So, start gathering those old pictures (¬†Art Piteau … you seem to have a wealth of them!) and get ready to rock with Elmore Twist. Remember what I always say about reunions …… we’re not old until we have to have it at lunchtime!Many thanks to all

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